Virtual Bazaar featuring Sam Weiss

This holiday season, IIDA is celebrating all the creatives in our industry with a virtual bazaar! 

Sam Weiss is an Interior Designer by day, and a craftswoman by night. She always flirted with the idea of tapestry weaving in the past so she sprung at the extra time the pandemic offered to hone her craft. “I see the shelves of yarn in the store bundled so fashionably, so modishly. I just want to be tangled up in the stuff!” 

You can follow all of Sam’s weaving adventures through Instagram where she regularly posts progress photos, finished pieces, and yarn inspiration.
Sam has also launched an Esty shop with a small collection of weavings but most of her works come from custom inquiries. You can enquire about a custom piece by messaging her on Instagram or Etsy. Not a day has gone by since her business launched in May where she did not have a custom order on the docket, and for that Sam is so very grateful.

Shop Sam’s Etsy Store! 

Follow Sam on instagram: @knot_and_stem

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