Click here to view the Sponsorship Package form for 2017

Click here to view the Sponsorship Package form for 2017


Thank you to our 2016 Sponsors for generously supporting our VA/WV Chapter of IIDA! Being a Partner helps us thrive and remain vibrant as a professional organization, as well as, demonstrate support of the Interior Design industry as a whole.

We encourage you to click-on each of the Sponsor’s names. This will link you to their company website, where you will discover more about their company and locate pertinent information on their products and services.

To become a VA/WV Chapter Partner or to provide sponsorship for an upcoming event, please contact our Chapter President, Jean Sharp.

Thank you.


 2017 Sponsors*


New Day Office
Shaw Contract
The Supply Room


GovSolution Inc.
Heather Pennycook & Associates
Mannington Commerical
National Wallcovering
West Elm Workspace with Inscape



*Partners as of 7/5/2017

While we cannot function without either our CHAPTER SPONSOR or our MEMBERS, please note that there is a difference between them. Being a MEMBER is as an individual at the national level and assigned to our Chapter – as exemplified by the collection of dues by IIDA Headquarters in Chicago, IL rather than by our individual Chapter. Being a CHAPTER SPONSOR is as a company or entity at a Chapter level and not at a national level – as exemplified by the collection of sponsorship donations by our individual Chapter and not IIDA HQ.

MEMBER admission pricing is for an individual MEMBER. An individual who is both a MEMBER and a representative of a CHAPTER SPONSOR company does qualify for MEMBER pricing to an event. However, a non-IIDA member representative of a CHAPTER SPONSOR company does not qualify that individual for MEMBER pricing to an event. A non-IIDA member representative from a CHAPTER SPONSOR company can however utilize the Sponsor coupons received in their welcome/benefit package to attend certain events for member pricing. Please remember to take advantage of these great savings! They can be shared within your company or with others in the industry.

Please note that a company may be a SPONSOR on the national level but this does not “trickle” down to sponsorship at the Chapter level.

Please note that it is also possible for a company to have a certain quantity of membership “slots” on a national level. This company must specifically name the individuals in its firm and to which Chapter they belong for their names to appear in our database as MEMBERS. If you know your company has national level membership slots, please contact them to be sure that you are noted for our Chapter, the VA/WV Chapter.

Thank you for your time and understanding. Without any of you, our Chapter could not function. If you should have any questions about becoming a CHAPTER SPONSOR, EVENT SPONSOR, or MEMBER, please contact Lynne Williams, President or any of our Board members for more information.

Thank you again for your contributions and support of your IIDA, VA/WV Chapter.