Job Listing: Facilities Interior Designer | Ferguson Enterprises | Newport News, VA

Posted on Oct 29, 2018 in featured, Job Listings

Job Listing: Facilities Interior Designer | Ferguson Enterprises | Newport News, VA

Ferguson Enterprises is a nationwide company headquartered in Newport News, VA.


  • Provide independent, timely and professional specialized interior design support, services and consultation for the planning, design, construction and maintenance of facilities at HQ, including minor furniture reconfigure projects, space utilization and facilities development campus wide.
  • Participate in conferences with project stakeholders and collaborates with engineering and architectural disciplines to ensure system coordination and integration with specific project requirements as needed.
  • The position provides a broad range of interior design services to all activities and departments. This includes many customer activities throughout HQ.


  • National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) certification is highly desirable.
  • A minimum of 5 years of professional interior design code compliant facilities design experience for new construction, including renovation design experience, is required.
  • Completion of a course of studies with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree for interior design, supplemented by significant work experience and/or research in commercial interior design, is required.
  • Knowledge, as demonstrated by recent relevant experience, to prepare interior designs that meet functional and aesthetic requirements, and produce final working and/or installation drawings for facilities depending on project.
  • Knowledge of interior design concepts, principles, and practices applicable to the full range of duties concerned with the design, layout, and construction of facilities.
  • Requires ability to supplement standard practices and adapt techniques to solve a wide variety of technical issues.
  • Requires the ability to apply innovative theories and state of the art methods to technical principles, practices, and problems not resolvable through conventional methods.
  • The possession of an Interior Design License or NCIDQ certification is considered demonstration of this ability.
  • Knowledge and skill to use computer software, including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, electronic mail and internet.
  • Knowledge and proficiency in the use of computer aided design and drafting software and hardware used in the preparation and presentation of concept designs and the preparation of final working drawings.
  • Knowledge of related engineering disciplines (i.e., architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, civil, and fire protection) to assure that areas of overlapping responsibilities receive proper design consideration and that total project objectives are met.
  • Ability to produce results of analysis in writing and the ability to consolidate the findings of others and evaluate recommendations and facts. Ability to make oral presentations of proposed designs and results of studies.
  • Knowledge of budgeting, planning, and project management techniques, including the ability to coordinate the work of others and motivate and lead individuals of a variety of backgrounds.
  • Knowledge of and full compliance with Safety Policy and Guidance and use of personal protective equipment.

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