IIDA VA/WV Call for Nominations 2017-2018 Chapter Board

Posted on Mar 30, 2017 in Advocacy

The IIDA Virginia/ West Virginia Chapter is looking for motivated volunteers and leaders to help us pursue our mission of advancing Interior Design. If you are interested in filling a position or would like to nominate a peer, please fill out the Call for Nominations Form. Nominations must be received by Friday, April 14, 2017 by 5 pm.

The incoming board will play a pivotal role in reshaping IIDA Virginia/West Virginia to be a leader within the Virginia design community and beyond. Serving on the board often enriches the personal and professional lives of volunteers, and provides board members with the opportunity to meet accomplished industry professionals as well as network with up-and-coming talent.

Ready to lend a hand? Fill out the form NOW.

Please submit to:

President , Lynne Williams, IIDA, CID, LEED AP (president.iidavawv@gmail.com)

Key points to consider when nominating candidates:

  • All IIDA Chapter Professional and Associate members in good standing are eligible to submit names for consideration.
  • Nominated candidates should currently be IIDA Members in good standing or have completed IIDA membership application.
  • Self-nomination is permitted and encouraged.

Election Process

The Chapter is governed by a Board of Directors. All Board of Director positions are elected by IIDA Virginia/West Virginia Chapter Professional Members and serve, at minimum, a one-year term, with two|three-year terms as listed. A Nominating Committee of IIDA Members is appointed to assist in revising nominations and selecting candidates for open board positions. Members of the Nominating Committee sign an Oath of Confidentiality before researching each nominee’s eligibility and interest in serving on the Board of Directors. Once candidate research has been conducted, a Multiple Slate of candidates will be provided to the current Board of Directors for review. When multiple candidates are slated for the same position the Nominating Committee will provide their recommendation to the Board of Directors for the most qualified candidate to fill the position. The Board of Directors will use the Multiple Slate and Nominating Committee recommendations to determine a Single Slate of candidates.

Once a Single Slate of candidates is approved by the current Board of Directors it will be distributed to all Virginia/West Virginia Chapter Professional Members in for final approval. The newly elected Board of Directors will be announced at the IIDA Virginia/West Virginia Chapter Annual Dinner in June and will take office on June 6, 2017.

All positions are open for nominations, except Past President and President

One-year term openings:

Vice President Of Professional Development
Vice President of Sponsorship
Vice President of City Centers – Hampton Roads
Vice President of Industry Outreach
Vice President of Student Outreach
Vice President Of Forums

Two-year term openings:

Vice President of Advocacy
Vice President Of Communications
Vice President of Media
Vice President of Membership
Vice President Of City Centers – Richmond

Three-year term opening:

President Elect

The Chapter is currently in the process of implementing 2 year staggered terms, this is why there are 1-year and 2-year openings.  Although all positions are open and you are encouraged to express interest in any position(s) you choose, the 1 year term openings are anticipated to be filled by current board members.  For complete Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities, please review here.

Also seeking two dedicated Graphics Committee members to assist our Chapter VP of Communications with InDesign graphics for the VAWV Chapter marketing.  Although these committee members officially would not be part of the Chapter Board, they would serve as a vital component of promoting the brand of our Chapter.  This GC members will have ample opportunity to grow in their role within Chapter leadership.


Contact President : Lynne Williams, IIDA, CID, LEED AP (president.iidavawv@gmail.com),with questions and submittals.