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Posted on Aug 18, 2020 in Blog, Events, featured


Diversity Through Design Series

Join IIDA VAWV & YAF for a series of five small intimate online panels, in which we’ve invited minority leaders, minority design professionals, and non-minority leaders to share and discuss topics like; their own personal journey to where they are in their career, obstacles they may have had to overcome, insight on how we can help build a more diverse A&D community within our firms and how we can encourage our youth to learn more about A&D professions. 

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Watch all the previous episodes on our youtube channel playlist!!!


Episode 1 –  The Story Behind Your Design Introduction (event has passed, watch at YT)

  • Speakers: Salina Traynham of National Office Furniture, Thurmond Alford Jr of DOJ, Mary Thibodeaux-Redd of Kimball, and Shea Crump, CID – NAVFAC
  • Sponsor: Global Furniture

 Episode 2 – Challenges Within the Industry (event has passed, watch at YT)

  • Speakers: Burt Pinnock of Baskervill, Ashley Montgomery of Hanbury, Tia Goode of Guernsey Tingle, Whitney Campbell of ENV, and Willie Cooper, of Clark Nexsen
  • Sponsor: Koroseal

Episode 3 – Addressing Social Movements (event has passed, watch at YT)

  • Speakers:  Ashley Montgomery of Hanbury, Darryl Henderson of Hanbury, & La’Veesha Rollins of DJG
  • Sponsor: Baskervill

Episode 4 – Promoting Architecture and Design to the Youth

  • Tuesday, October 20th at 9:00 am
  • Speakers:  Zachary Robinson of Work Program Architects, Tia Goode of Guernsey Tingle, Shea Crump of NAVFAC, Mel Price of Work Program Architects, & Laura Battaglia Assistant Professor at Hampton U
  • Register at https://rb.gy/a0gx4e
  • Sponsor: Work Program Architects

Episode 5 – Community Alliance

  • Thursday, November 5th at 9:00 am
  • Speakers: Salina Traynham of National Office Furniture, Whitney Campbell of ENV, Ashley Montgomery of Hanbury, Mary Thibodeaux-Redd of Kimball, & Mel Price of Work Program Architects
  • Register at https://rb.gy/aknayr
  • Sponsor: Glave & Holmes Architecture



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