Hobbies & Passions Outside of Interior Design

Posted on Nov 14, 2016 in Blog, featured


The Interior Design industry is composed of many creative and talented minds whose jobs require constant out of the box and forward thinking every day. These jobs that we love can still sometimes cause stress in our everyday lives, so we went on the hunt to find out what a few of our members do to relax in their spare time. Many have hobbies that create a little sunshine in their day and allow them to follow a passion for art to share or sell to others.

Today we spotlight two of our members: Janey Green, Associate IIDA, and Priscilla Emmerson, Industry IIDA, and their creative outlet: Watercolors.

Priscilla Emmerson:


Priscilla, Good Lines, Inc. manufacturer rep, tries to paint everyday, though sometimes work travel and tasks can delay her evening pastime.


Priscilla says, “I think creativity is like a muscle; if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” She has sold works in the past and has been commissioned to paint works such as wedding invitations.


When asked of her hobbies, Priscilla replied, “There’s probably a three-way tie for my favorite: watercolors, hunting, and reading. Of the three, watercolors is the least expensive and time consuming.”

Janey Green:

Janey, an interior designer at Within Interior Design, makes it a goal to either paint, sketch, or collage every weekend.


When asked her favorite hobby, Janey said, “I’d say just ‘creating’ is my favorite hobby – I’ve grown up really influenced by my dad’s art (he’s a historical aviation and landscape artist) and how dedicated he is to painting, and it drove me to find my own creative outlets, but it’s not always painting!”

file-5Check out Janey’s website where you can find images of some of her other outlets including calligraphy, photography, etc…

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